Save Aboriginal towns from ice: Qld MP

Indigenous Queensland MP Billy Gordon says the state government must do more to halt the use of ice in Aboriginal communities.


The independent MP, whose electorate covers Cape York Peninsula, is demanding heavier penalties possibly including seizing the assets of convicted dealers.

“With these people, if you are in an indigenous community and you are driving around in a brand new four-wheel drive and you don’t work, well that should be a clear indication that some sort of (illegal) financial activity is happening,” he has told The Courier-Mail.

“I want to see what they do in the US. I wouldn’t mind people’s (ice traffickers’) bank accounts being frozen and forensic audits being conducted on their financial affairs,” he added.

Mr Gordon says ice is already in indigenous communities and believes Aurukun, Lockhart River, and Kowanyama are at grave risk if the drug takes a firmer hold there.

On Monday, Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said there was anecdotal evidence that drug use in remote communities was being fuelled by alcohol management plans (AMPs) to restrict access to booze.

Mr Stewart said there was an urgent need to review the AMPs and possibly relax the restrictions in some areas.

“I think there is now a question about whether those restrictions are working as intended,” he told ABC radio.

“The reality is (ice is) attractive to the dealers because it’s hugely profitable, so they’ll be looking for people who are vulnerable – people that they can addict with this very, very deadly drug.”

Mr Gordon said there was a general conversation among indigenous communities that ice addiction has become an unintended consequence of the introduction of AMPs.

The state government is reviewing AMPs.